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Open technical cooperation

In order to enhance the company's long-term development and enhance the company's R&D and innovation capabilities, the company signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing University of Chemical Technology in 2013 and established the “Tianjin Jihua-Beihua Rubber Sealing Product R&D Center”.

In order to encourage and help students with financial difficulties in their families in Beijing University of Chemical Technology to overcome difficulties and study hard, and to further promote the cooperation between Brief Introduction of Tianjin Jihua Rubber Products Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the two sides agreed to establish a "Beijing University of Chemical Technology Tianjin Jihua Rubber Special Scholarship" at Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

Technological achievements

The company has an excellent management team and strong R&D capabilities. The management team of the company has a high level of enterprise management and rich experience. Everyone in the management team works well together and has a strong sense of responsibility. Thus, this manage team would enable the company to embark on a benign development path. The technology center for the company has the research and development ability for this product. Drainage rubber rings of specifications, from DN50mm to DN2600mm, can be designed and be put into production.

Strong R&D team

The company's R&D team is composed of many senior engineers, engineers and all kinds of macromolecule professionals and technicians. Through open technology portfolio, we will further enrich the R&D team by gathering many scientific research experts and senior industry experts from universities and colleges, so as to inject strong impetus to broaden our horizons, tackle technical difficulties and enhance R&D strength. Through independent research and development, absorption and transformation of the latest technology at home and abroad, continuously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.